About Company

About Company


UNIEXI GLOBAL LLC  in UZBEKISTAN is an Agro Commodity, Raw Material and Construction material supplier, exporter of local manufacturing companies. Founded in 2002, under name “Business Aspiration” in Fergana Valley, in the city of Kokand.  The company has been renamed as a “ Uniexi Global LLC” in 2016 with footing embedded with the in-depth knowledge of Agricultural Produce, its related practices & its trade across the globe.

We source only Organic Premium-quality agro-commodities like lentils and beans, fresh fruits, dry and dried fruits and nuts from an extensive network of producers and manufacturers and constantly bring them to customers worldwide. We are direct contact with farmers and producers and we always work in conjunction with them. Our products include Cotton Yarns, All types of Pulses, such as Mung bean, Chickpeas, Lentils and etc. Moreover, Dried Fruits, Almond kernels, Walnut, Raisins, Dried Apricot and many others.

We also supply Construction Raw materials ( Portland Cement, Gypsum Lump and Gypsum Products, Wood Briquettes, ) and Textiles and Apparel ( Baby/ Children Clothing, Towels, Socks and Bedding Linen)

Our Strength is our ability to strategically source products accordingly for customer requirements, ensuring quality & competitive prices, while adhering to strict delivery.

With the aim: “Bringing Uzbek products to the World”,  we tie ourselves to quality in everything in which we participate. In all our agreements, we assure the premium quality for all products we offer, as loyal to customers together with a firm commitment to delivery terms.

We work with reputed manufacturers and farming after comprehensive due diligence, providing with confidence in terms of quality and price in dealing with our company.

Please email us: info@uniexi.uz with all information about you and your company for us to discuss the prospects of our cooperation.

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